Nic Poulson founded Isol-8 Teknologies in 2003. Nic’s background was originally in broadcast engineering. He trained and worked for the BBC as a sound engineer in the eighties. The corporation’s legendary high standards made a deep impression on him. He learned that the way to achieve true quality is to strive for excellence in every area and accept nothing less.

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After leaving the BBC in the early nineties to further develop his passion for audio, Nic had become an established electronics designer with success in both audio amplification, with ISOL-8’s sister company Trilogy Audio Systems, and also in the challenging field of international airport runway lighting systems. He then formed IsoTek Systems after identifying the need to tackle the problems of compromised power supply in Hi-Fi and AV systems. An area he believed was being misunderstood and neglected by mainstream manufacturers. ISOL-8 was then founded to continue developing Nic’s ideas.

Nic pioneered the use of multiple filter sections to tackle noise cross contamination between audio components. He also has championed the use of DC blocking to further improve sound quality. The use of Transmodal filter technology which blocks common and differential mode noise without shunting the noise to ground is, we believe, unique to ISOL-8 in audio and AV applications.

ISOL-8 has shaken off the negative image previously attached to power conditioning. In the past many poor designs, and the optimistic performance claims made for them, have meant that many people have closed their minds to the idea that there are substantial performance gains to be found. Nic’s innovative and no compromise approach has solved many of the performance shortfalls caused by compromised mains power. The company has gradually gathered a steadfast following amongst those willing to open their ears, and now produce a wide range of reliable, practical solutions tailored to suit different applications across audio and AV.

Product Designer Simon Dart met Nic at the BBC where he also trained as a sound engineer. He has worked in manufacturing as a electromechanical development engineer and also designing state of the art satellite signal handling equipment in the demanding sphere of international telecommunications. Simon looks after the industrial and mechanical design of our products and brings in-depth knowledge of modern manufacturing systems and methods.

Simon Dart

Simon and Nic are both keen audiophiles. Together they have the balance of skills to innovate and deliver exceptional products. Above all they have the passion to push forward the standards of reproduced sound. This passion is what makes ISOL-8 the leading force in power

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